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After living through an experience and looking back at it, we always see where we made mistakes. When you’re in recovery, it’s easy to look back and see how addiction and substance abuse dictated your life. It’s hard to see how drug addiction affects relationships during active abuse, even if you subconsciously know that it does.

While some might say that romantic relationships are the most commonly impacted by addiction, this isn’t necessarily the case.Addiction affects every aspect of life, not just romantic relationships or partners. There’s a reason why addiction is called a family disease. If a member of your family or someone you love falls into addiction, the dynamic changes completely.

Why Drug Addiction Is Bad

When you’re using, the harsh reality of the situation is that you only care about yourself and scoring more drugs. If your brain has been irreversibly damaged by addiction, you don’t consider what’s best for yourself or others. Instead, you become an emotionally abusive individual who disregards others’ well being in order to get what you want.

The truth is that they might not want to be around to watch it happen. Your behavior can make them feel ashamed to be around you or reluctant to bring or invite you places.Friendships that existed prior to addiction become strained because you’re constantly crossing boundaries and disrespecting their wishes.

How Drug Addiction Works

How To Fight Drug AddictionDrug Addiction How To Help Someone

Putting people down so that they won’t look at your flaws or issues with addiction only drives them away. If you’re in recovery, you can understand the process of convincing your friends and family to trust you again. This is because during active addiction, an addict will consistently make promises to do things or to change.

Unfortunately, because trust wears away over time, this worry never completely leaves and can cause people to distance themselves. It’s a commonly known fact that those struggling with active addiction lie, steal, and manipulate to get what they want. When confronted about these behaviors, family members will often be met with constant apologies but no real changes in lifestyle.

How To Recover From Drug Addiction

Depending on what you’re using and how long you’ve been using it, the chemistry of your brain can be permanently changed. This, along with the immediate effects of the substances, can cause you to make a number of irrational decisions. These decisions can be hard to understand, especially when you see a loved one doing things that don’t make sense.

These emotions can include insecurity and feelings of worthlessness. When you don’t feel worthy, you allow yourself to be put in tough and toxic situations because you don’t believe you deserve betterWhat many people don’t understand is that addiction becomes more than just using drugs. Everything becomes a manipulation game, and you can’t maintain regular relationships because you’re in a committed relationship with drugs.

How Does Drug Addiction Start

This can be confusing for friends and family who can’t understand why their loved one continues to hurt themselves and others. It usually isn’t until undergoing a treatment program that an addict can see how drug addiction has affected their relationships. During group and one-on-one counseling sessions, those on the journey towards life in recovery should have the chance to make amends.At Transformations Treatment Center, one of their main goals is to repair and recreate the relationship between their clients and those they love.

For many people, repairing relationships can be an exceedingly difficult but rewarding process. If you’ve been struggling with addiction or substance abuse and feel like your addiction has ruined relationships, we’re here to help. With the power of music, we want to pinpoint the underlying causes of your addiction and help you overcome it.

How To Beat Drug Addiction

Drug addiction can have devastating effects on relationships in many different ways. If you’re in a relationship with an addicted person or struggle with addiction yourself, know that help is available to you. Addiction is a treatable disease. With time and effort, you and your partner, or anyone affected by the addiction, can repair the damage and move towards recovery together.What Neurotransmitter Is Involved In Drug AddictionHow To Fix A Relationship After Drug Addiction

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Drug addiction affects all areas of life, including relationships. Addiction makes it hard to maintain trust, respect and open communication – critical elements in a healthy relationship. When a person is addicted to a substance, they revolve their life around obtaining and using the drug. This may lead to neglecting responsibilities or the needs of their significant other.

How To Stop Drug Addiction

Although not always the case, codependency is commonly a part of a relationship with an addicted person. This is because the lives of family members often revolve around the addiction. As a result, family members try to help their loved one in the wrong ways, and eventually, they gain a sense of satisfaction from being needed by the addicted person.

How To Get Help For Drug Addiction Without Insurance

Codependency can be damaging to both the addicted person and their loved one. Codependency can be between two people abusing drugs, family members or spouses of people using drugs, or children of addicted individuals. For example, a study published in Addiction and Health found that codependency was significantly higher in women married to addicted men.

How To Get Help With Drug AddictionWhy Is Drug Addiction Called A Disease

It also describes a relationship that enables an addicted person to continue self-destructive behavior. Codependent people need to feel needed by the addicted person, so they engage in enabling behaviors. Individuals who become codependent tend to show some of the following signs: Low self-esteem Fear of abandonment Difficulty saying, “No” Feel responsible for a loved one’s thoughts and feelings May feel rejected if a person doesn’t accept their help May confuse love with pity and enter relationships with others they wish to rescue Will do anything to hold onto a relationship to avoid the pain of abandonment Feel guilty asserting themselves Tend to feel hurt if others don’t appreciate their efforts Need approval from others Tend to do more than their share in the relationship Overall, codependent people are afraid their relationship with the addicted individual will end, so they will go out of their way to accommodate their partner, even if means sacrificing their own needs or enabling addictive behavior.

What Is Drug Abuse And Addiction

Codependency does not always have to be between romantic partners. For example, sometimes children of addicted parents become codependent and take on caretaker roles. Codependent people often have good intentions and are trying to care for the person with an addiction – how to help someone with a drug addiction. They might make excuses for their addicted husband, child or sibling, for example, thinking they are helping the person.

Codependency, just like addiction, damages self-esteem further and can lead to depression and anxiety. Codendepent people often engage in enabling behaviors. Enabling behavior directly or indirectly encourages, or simply makes it possible for a person to continue using drugs. Sometimes, a person does not realize they are an enabler, or they might deny they are codependent and helping a loved one maintain their addiction.

How To Fix A Relationship After Drug Addiction

However, realizing you or a loved one is codependent is the first step to getting help and repairing relationships. Examples of enabling behaviors include: Denying a loved one has a problem Using drugs with the addicted loved one so they don’t use alone Making excuses for drug use, such as saying a loved one has a stressful job Avoiding problems to keep the peace Avoiding feelings and self-medicating Taking over the addicted loved one’s responsibilities Feeling superior to the addicted person and treating them like a child Controlling the addicted person any way they can Enduring the addiction and thinking things will get better on their own Codependency and enabling behavior can be damaging in relationships for everyone involved.

Ultimately, enabling can lead to medical, financial and relationship issues throughout the family. According to one study published in 2016, codependency leads to poor health, self-neglect and additional responsibilities for affected family members. The study concluded that codependency harms the family system and the health of family members of addicted individuals.

What Different Kinds Of Treatment Exist For Addiction

Other risks involved with codependency and enabling include: Other family members developing an addiction Losing relationships with others outside of the addicted relationship Difficulty maintaining responsibilities outside of the relationship Even though it’s natural to want to help the person you love, enabling does not help anyone in the long run.

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