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7 Ways to Design Your Instagram Grid Layout Like a Pro

Social media’s influence in society has been tremendous, especially in recent years. It has given birth to a serious career opportunity for many individuals today, given social media’s extensive reach globally. The countless opportunities it present are not only grabbed by individuals, but by businesses as well.

Businesses have also taken advantage of social media’s limitless reach. Social media management in digital marketing has provided businesses with the ability to take the reins on the biggest networks in to claim social media dominance. Among the biggest platforms, Instagram is one in particular that most businesses tend to focus on.

Instagram reported that there are at least 1 billion monthly active users in the platform, as of 2021. With new users increasing in numbers and joining the platform everyday (including businesses), it generally takes creating something ‘special’ to capture the attention of users among thousands of pictures posted every day.

Instagram is known for appealing visual content, and it’s a platform where only the most ‘aesthetically’ pleasing ones make it to the cut of people’s feeds. Hence, the saying that a peek in a person’s Instagram feed is a peek into their personality.

Apart from showing off a beautiful feed, setting up your own Instagram ‘theme’ also gives people an idea of your image and strategy. One of the coolest ways to set up a theme and attract new followers on Instagram is through establishing an eye-catching Instagram Grid Layout.

These are a few ways you can get creative with your feed and create a bomber, worth-clicking Instagram Grid Layout.

Stick to a Consistent Color Scheme

Finding the right mix of colors and the perfect blend – especially if you’re looking to establish a theme or layout – is crucial. Think of a minimalist mix of light colors and pastel, or like a contrast of sharp, vivid neon colors. It’s also one of the most common styles that influencers use in creating a theme for their feed.

Sticking to a single mix of colors for every picture will ultimately set a certain look and theme. It may be difficult to find sets that match the same color all the time, so using the same filter for every picture may be a good alternative.

Post Alternately to Establish a ‘Checkerboard-like’ Feed

The checkerboard style on Instagram isn’t new, and lots of influencers and businesses use this on their feed. Posting alternate photos, videos, or texts consistently will easily create that effect. Not only will it look aesthetically pleasing, but this will also be more organized and appear professional for first-time visitors of your Instagram profile. It’s also easier for your followers to look for a specific content since they’re also categorized in a way.

Create a Single Design Per Row

instagram photos

Instagram photos go by threes on a single row on the feed, and many users take advantage of this to create compelling visuals in three different pictures, yet ultimately present a single story. Create images that are one in color or template. Post all three of them at the same time for the alignment to work. Make sure that every picture can still stand alone, as it may appear on different times on a person’s feed.

Post Photos in Central Columns

One of the more unique ways of creating a layout is through vertical or horizontal columns that are tied up in the center. It’s a great way of mixing up graphic designs and filters, then weaving them all together into one big picture. Using the same, default background with different elements is key to making this layout work.

Pull off a Color-Themed Grid

The difference of this from choosing and mixing the right palette is that this technique requires following a specific theme. For instance, a rainbow-themed grid in three’s is often used by many influencers or fan pages on the platform. You must have a great deal of patience and be dedicated when choosing a color to pull this off. You also need to post regularly for your followers to grasp the theme of your feed right away. Saturated, vivid colors on every picture and then transitioning onto the next set of colors is a good way to start off the theme.

Put Borders on Your Photos

Creating an amazing Instagram Grid Layout doesn’t always have to be complicated. Even as simple as putting borders on each of your photos can make your profile look classy and professional. It’s only a matter of choosing the right one to truly establish that theme for every picture. Borders are not as used any more recently, but when done tastefully, it can add up to the overall aesthetics of your feed.

Turn Your Feed into a Puzzle

This type of layout isn’t as uncommon, but it is can be tricky to pull off. This layout turns your photos into puzzle pieces connected with each other to create one big picture.  A single photo may not stand alone, but it’s an important piece to making the Instagram aesthetic work. So, when your feed is viewed in its entirety, it’s definitely a masterpiece.

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