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10 Tips For Longer GoPro Timelapse Battery Life

One of the most common issues about GoPro is the battery life, especially when you’re setting it to TimeLapse mode. But the fact of the matter is the number of battery hours in your GoPro camera will depend on the nature of use and some technical factors like the firmware installed.

And if you’re looking for ways to optimize your GoPro’s battery life, then you’ve come to the right place.

So stick around as we are going to provide some tips for longer GoPro timelapse battery life in today’s post.

Let’s get into it

1. Know The Factors That Can Shorten GoPro Battery Life

The battery juice in your GoPro may quickly run out because of the following reasons:

  • There are many features enabled at once like GPS, WiFi, voice control, etc.
  • Cold weather or water can drain the battery faster.
  • The age of the device can also affect the battery’s performance.

2. Be Aware Of The Average Battery Life Of A GoPro Until The Next Charge

Typically, the GoPro battery is expected to last between 1.5 to 2 hours IF the device is configured in the following settings: Continuous video shooting at the most common setting (1080p at 60fps) especially when doing video recordings like construction time-lapse, turning off other unnecessary features, the battery is fully charged, brand new, and warm.

Which leads us to the next tip

3. Keep The Battery Warm

Cold temperature has a way of deteriorating the battery’s lifespan. So it’s recommended to put them inside a closed container when placed outside or put them inside your jacket’s zippered pocket before and after use.

4. Turn Off Any Extra Lights

We also suggest you turn off any extra lights if they are not really needed for your video recording because these features can also drain the battery faster.

5. Disable GoPro Screen

Similar to lights, the screen display also needs battery power. So it’s also recommended to disable this feature whenever not used.

6. Don’t Use A Smartphone App Or Remote

Using external devices like a remote or your mobile phone requires the firmware of the GoPro device to be activated. And in doing so, the GoPro will send a signal so you can control the device remotely – which also causes the battery to drain faster in the process.

So as much as possible, refrain from controlling your GoPro using external devices.

7. Downloading The Latest Firmware

Update the firmware to the latest version as the latest patches include features like energy efficiency and additional development of GoPro features.

8. Turning Off Protune

If the image quality is not really essential in your video recording, then we also recommend turning off Protune to save more energy and prolong battery life.

9. Turn Off Voice Control Setting

This feature also accounts for a significant percentage of battery usage. So make sure to disable this feature before powering off your GoPro camera.

10. Charge Properly And Remove Battery When Not In Use

Lastly, make sure the battery is FULLY CHARGED before use because recording videos using a partially-charged battery can reduce the battery’s lifespan. And don’t forget to remove the battery when you’re not using the device as the GoPro will continue to drain its juice even if the device is turned off.

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